Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work? 

Heard Bookkeeping & Tax pricing plans are based on an annual subscription.

We have transparent pricing for all of our independently practicing providers, and work with groups on a case-by-case basis to determine the pricing model based on number of employees, connected accounts, bills and invoices.

What are the steps to get signed up?

The first step is to schedule a consult call with us, no strings attached! During this call, we’ll assess your accounting needs, review your practices and systems, and answer any questions that you may have.

If you'd like to work with us, we will then schedule an onboarding call to get you onto our platform.

What about privacy? 

We sign a BAA with you and take HIPAA standards extremely seriously. You can be confident that your data is secure and confidential, and if at any point you find yourself uncomfortable, you have the ability to revoke access.

Will you have access to my bank account logins?

No. Heard is only able to view your transactions, and is unable to access logins or details of your bank accounts. You may remove access to any of your accounts at any time.

What if I already have an accountant or a CPA? 

We can discuss what makes the most sense for you and your practice. Just like in the mental health profession, clients sometimes switch professionals in the accounting world for various practical reasons. 

If you're looking to completely transition both your bookkeeping and your taxes to Heard, we will ask for access to any bookkeeping software you're currently using to help us transition.

If you're only looking to use our bookkeeping services, and want to keep your tax professional, we will ask for an introduction to your tax professional.

Would I be able to ask my bookkeeper questions? How does support work?

Yes! You will have structured, one-on-one meetings every quarter with your bookkeeper.

Outside of those meetings, you will be able to message your bookkeeper to get any questions answered, within the day. Don't worry — every question will be answered by a real person who is familiar with your business

Do you support billing functionality? Can I invoice with Heard Bookkeeping software?

Not currently. However, we are happy to discuss options that would be the best fit for you!

What types of companies does Heard serve?

Heard serves independent mental health providers as well as small group private practices. We only work with mental health professionals — get in touch with us to see whether or not Heard is the right fit for you. 

What are the requirements to started with Heard?

We have three requirements that allow us to deliver the most accurate books for your business.

1. Electronic transaction access
2. Have separate business accounts (if you are just getting started, we can support you with the setup)
3. No commingling of personal expenses 

What does the bookkeeping process look like? 

During our onboarding session, we will set up your bookkeeping on our platform. We then perform all historical bookkeeping for all months until the current month in the current fiscal year. Each month, your private practice bookkeeping expert will review, categorize and prepare a month report. If they need anything from you, they will reach out. 

You will receive financial reports with details of your business's performance, and specific insights into your practice. If relevant to the given month, you will also receive an estimation of taxes you should be setting aside.

What is your cancellation policy? What if I prepaid for the year?

Your subscription will continue until the end of your billing cycle. If you decide not to renew after the year is over, you can let us know in advance and we’ll stop billing you for the next cycle.

Are there any one–time fees when I sign up for Heard?

There are no surprise fees or built-in costs. As mentioned above, all additional support is included with your subscription.

Do you use Quickbooks? How do you do my bookkeeping? 

No. We use our own software.

This gives us a couple of advantages:

  • Seamless tax prep. Providing everything from bookkeeping to reporting to year-end tax support allows for a seamless integration of your entire financial life cycle. Our tax accountants have experience working with our technology.
  • Created for the private practice. Heard is built specifically for private practice businesses. This allows us to distill down your bookkeeping to insights that are specific to your practice.
  • Saves you money and time. Because we're built for the private practice, we'll be able to serve you relevant information upfront, saving you money and time.

Can you migrate me from Quickbooks? Can you migrate me from Xero? 

Yes, we can help you transition your books over to Heard. As a part of our onboarding process, we will cover the two-months cost of whatever solution you are currently using whether it is Quickbooks, Freshbooks or Xero as we work together to migrate you to Heard! 

How do taxes work with Heard? Can I get my taxes filed with Heard?

You have a couple of options for doing your taxes when you use Heard.

The first option is to use Heard to prepare and file your taxes. This requires the Heard Standard subscription, which includes bookkeeping, reporting, and tax guidance, preparation and filing. 

The second option is to use a tax accountant or CPA of your choice and have Heard hand off your prepared books to them. This handoff is included in your Heard Basic subscription at no additional cost.

What is included if I do my taxes with Heard?

Filing taxes through Heard, via the Heard Standard plan, includes federal, state, and city level income taxes. You will have access to unlimited email support and information around compliance.

Can Heard handle my 1099s? 

If you're using Heard Standard, we will ask you for a list of vendors who require 1099s, follow up with those vendors, and file the forms for you. If you are only using Heard Basic, we are not able to file 1099 forms for you or support your quarterly and annual filings.  

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