Every therapist who joins Heard is supported by a team of accounting and tax professionals who specialize in therapy practices.

You don't have to manage your finances alone.

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We streamline your bookkeeping so you can spend more time with clients.
Record and categorize transactions
Identify tax-deductible expenses
Generate financial reports
Connect business bank accounts and credit cards
Occasionally review unknown transactions
Upload monthly bank statements
Learn more about bookkeeping


Tax prep and filing specifically for therapists so you never miss a write-off.
Prepare and file your business tax return
Prepare and file your personal tax return
Estimate quarterly taxes
Approve tax returns
Pay quarterly taxes
Pay annual taxes
Learn more about taxes
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light-skin black girl with curly dark hair smiling at laptop. she is wearing a yellow top and sitting on a bean bag. she is in a living room


Pay yourself, employees, and contractors in minutes with Heard payroll powered by Gusto.
Assist with Gusto payroll setup
Take care of payroll tax witholdings and filings
Provide support as needed
Log hours
Set pay amounts
Run payroll
Learn more about payroll

S Corp

We’ll tell you when it’s the right time to form an S corporation and even file the paperwork for you.
Recommend when to elect with the IRS
File Form 2553 on your behalf
Help determine reasonable salary
Review reasonable salary
Review benefits
Learn more about S corp
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Getting started is easy...

Book a free consult

We learn about you

We start with a free consult call to better understand your practice. We only accept therapists if we're confident we can successfully support your accounting and tax needs.

You onboard to Heard

Once you join Heard and connect your bank account(s), you'll join an onboarding webinar with a specialist from our team. We'll walk you through the platform and answer any questions you have.

We get your books up-to-date

While it depends on how many months of bookkeeping you need completed, it typically takes our team 2-4 weeks. We are only able to complete historical bookkeeping for the year(s) we are providing tax services.
Still need some things answered?

Frequently asked questions

How does pricing work?

Our pricing is subscription-based and transparent. The price for Solo Practices is $199/month (if Sole Proprietor) and $299/month (if S Corporation) with a monthly plan. The price for Group Practices is $299/month (Sole Proprietor and S Corporation) with a monthly plan. We offer a 15% discount with an annual plan for both Solo and Group Practices.

Payroll is an add-on service for $39 per month + $6 per month per employee. There is also an additional $450 charge for Group Practice S Corporations to prepare your personal tax return. The business return is included.

Our pricing does not include third-party fees (such as fees and taxes charged by your city, state, or the federal government) or business license filing fees, which vary by city.

Does Heard do historical or catch up bookkeeping?

Yes, we provide historical bookkeeping for the tax year(s) we are providing tax services. This is covered as part of your subscription fee at no additional cost.

We do not offer historical bookkeeping for prior tax years at this time.

How does bookkeeping help your private practice?

Bookkeeping gives you a clear picture of your practice finances, where your money is coming from, and where it's going. When your bookkeeping is up-to-date, you will be able to understand areas to save and areas to invest more, seasonal fluctuations in your practice, and have an overall clear picture on how much you can pay yourself and your team.

Having accurate finances saves you hours during tax season as well. When your books are reconciled and up-to-date, you avoid scrambling to get caught up prior to the tax deadline, or miss out on any tax write-offs or deductions. Most importantly, you will avoid subjecting yourself to any potential errors or late fees.

Do I get my own accountant?

You have access to an entire team of accounting and tax professionals.

Our support team will answer any questions you have as they come up during the tax year within the app through Heard Conversations. We will also work with you to calculate quarterly tax estimated payments.

When your annual tax return(s) is ready, we will connect you with a third-party tax preparer who will work with you to complete your return(s) and make any required payments.

What if I already have an accountant?

We can discuss what makes the most sense for you and your practice. Just like in the mental health profession, clients sometimes switch professionals in the accounting world for various practical reasons.

If you're looking to completely transition both your bookkeeping and your taxes to Heard, we will ask for access to any bookkeeping software you're currently using to help us transition. If you're only looking to use our bookkeeping services and want to keep your tax professional, we will ask for an introduction to your tax professional.

Who does Heard work and not work with?

We work exclusively with mental health therapy practices, including: psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, mental health counselors, professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners. We are able to support therapists who have other streams of income (e.g. coaching, consulting).

We do not work with non-mental health practices, practices based outside the US, practices with multiple owners, group practices with more than 10 therapists, and practices taxed as C corporations.

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Heard makes everything simple when it comes to tracking my finances. I love that I can manage my books and file my taxes all from one place.

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