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What therapists are saying

" Heard has been a huge asset to my practice and my business. They are filling a gap that myself and other clinicians have struggled with for years. Not only is information related to private practice always changing, but there is a ton of conflicting and contradicting information out there. It is hard to know who and what to trust. Heard has simplified and streamlined bookkeeping and best business practices in a digestible and accessible way. Having the foundation of Heard for my business has made myself and, in turn, my patients feel more solid. I highly recommend using Heard's services for any early-career or veteran private practice therapist. "

Jennifer Kashani, Psy.D.

"Heard Mental Health is offering exactly what I've always needed for my private practice. I finally have a clear picture of the financial health of my practice and a better understanding of how to prepare and file my taxes. It's great to have an expert to turn to whenever I have a question related to accounting. Knowing that my bookkeeping and taxes are in good hands, I can really focus on the more clinical parts of my work!"

Melanie Evans, LCSW

Empowering your private practice to thrive.

Heard is the first online back office platform designed for mental health professionals in private practice.
Our technology and team of trusted advisors give clinicians the freedom to focus on what matters —  from business incorporation, to bookkeeping, to tax services and business advisory.

Starting and running a private practice should be as seamless as working for a group or agency.

Talk to an expert who understands your practice

Our experts focus primarily on private practices, and check in with your business quarterly.

Ask tax questions anytime

Talk to someone familiar with your needs

Feel confident with an expert by your side

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Cashflow graphs and reports

Track your practice's financial health

Heard tracks your income and expenses so you can avoid surprises at tax season.

Track income by insurer, EAP, or private pay

See all expenses in one place, categorized

Keep tabs on your cashflow with simple reports

Get your taxes done right

The ease of filing online, with the benefits of working directly with an accountant who knows your practice.

Federal & state tax filings, prepared by experts

Confidently pay your quarterly taxes

Avoid surprise tax bills and penalties

Maximize your deductions & credits

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Get your business on track.

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