Focus on your clients, not your accounting and taxes.

Heard combines smart software with real humans to handle accounting, payroll and taxes for therapists. We act as a trusted financial expert for your private practice.

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"As a group practice owner, I was burnt out and worried each year I was missing something from the financial standpoint. With Heard, I don’t have that worry, pressure or stress anymore."
Sarah Rivera
"Heard has proved to be an invaluable resource in helping me better manage the business side of my practice. The Heard team genuinely cares about the work they do to help us therapists improve the fiscal health of our practices. "
Dr. Erin Joyce
"Since signing up with Heard, I am able to dedicate more time to being present for my growing private practice. I was able to hire an office manager now that Heard manages my books!!! Stress level = 0. Thank you Heard!"
Grace Duarte de Baker

Heard is a complete financial management service that combines software and CPAs to handle accounting, payroll, taxes, and business filings for therapists in private practice.

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Joining Heard saves clinicians money & time

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Optimize Taxes

A typical private practice can reduce federal taxes by

per year

with the tax-saving advice that Heard offers and implements.

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Skip the CPA

CPAs charge small businesses an average of

for tax prep

according to the National Society of Accountants.

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Focus on Your Clients

We do bookkeeping for you. You won’t spend

per year

that a typical therapist spends on financial recordkeeping.

Talk to an expert who understands your practice

You get a dedicated financial expert when you join. They check in with you every quarter, and are available to answer questions throughout the year.

Ask tax questions anytime
Talk to someone familiar with your needs
Feel confident with an expert by your side

Get your taxes done right

The ease of filing online, with the benefits of working directly with an accountant who knows your practice and the mental health industry.

Federal & state tax filings, prepared by CPAs
Confidently pay your quarterly taxes
Avoid surprise tax bills and penalties
Maximize your deductions & credits

Track your practice’s financial health

Heard connects to your bank, credit cards, and practice management software and tracks your income and expenses automatically.

Track income by insurer, EAP, or private pay
See all expenses in one place, categorized
Keep tabs on your cashflow with simple reports

Spend time on your practice, not your books

Wrestling with Excel probably isn’t what you had in mind when you went into private practice. We’ll track your finances and send you monthly reports.

Automatic import, categorization and reporting saves you hours each month
No searching for receipts and statements at tax time
Keep a historic record of your practice's performance, month over month

Heard works with your business accounts and apps

We work with the software you already use. Heard connects to thousands of banks, credit cards, and payment apps. We handle importing and categorizing everything so you don’t have to.

Banks and Credit Cards

Payment Apps

+ more
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Learn more from a real-Heard customer

Therapist Elissa Barbee explains the simple steps to get started managing your private practice with Heard.


You didn't start your private practice to be your own accountant.
Everything you need in one place, for one affordable monthly price. Heard is tax-deductible and pays for itself within months.

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Heard is a complete financial management service for therapists that combines software and CPAs to handle:

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S corp formation
"I don't want to track all my expenses and I have no idea what's tax-deductible. I'm so happy that Heard does that for me."
Steve Johnson
Finance Expert