Track your money with confidence

Heard handles your monthly bookkeeping and provides easy-to-understand reports so you can get a full picture of the money you spend and earn.
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Bookkeeping is the foundation of a healthy business

A team of human bookkeepers (not robots) to categorize your transactions

Easily upload statements and review transactions so we can reconcile your accounts

Accurate bookkeeping that unlocks actionable financial insights

income and profit

Track the money you make

See how much income and profit you make monthly. Identify slower months. Use that information to anticipate slower times of year so you can plan ahead.

Set goals to increase profit. Now that you know where you stand, decide if you want to add sessions, diversify your income streams, or adjust your rates.

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Cut unnecessary spending

Identify what your top expenses are and decide if there are ways to cut back by looking at your transactions more closely.

Find areas where you can save money by understanding where your hard earned money is going. This will free up more cash to reach your goals.

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saving you time and effort

How we have helped our customers

GMS Counseling
5 starsTrustpilot Verified

They take the headache away!

Heard has been great for me as a mental health counselor. They take the pressure off of bookkeeping and provide quarterly tax estimates. I really enjoy the fact they complete annual taxes for you as well. Even if you have another W2 position.

Date of Experience:
March 22, 2024
5 starsTrustpilot Verified

Heard takes away the annoyance of daily…

Heard takes away the annoyance of daily bookkeeping. They are very responsive to questions and working with Heard has been the best thing for me to do with my solo practice. I'm so grateful for Heard and don't plan on ever leaving them!

Date of Experience:
March 11, 2024
Laurie Brassie
5 starsTrustpilot Verified

Heard is Amazing

Heard has been an amazing service for my practice! I have been a therapist in private practice on and off for 5 years, and used to do my own accounting. It was a mess. I missed deadlines, didn't get all the deductions I deserved, owed thousands in taxes... seriously horrible. Heard makes things really easy, provides a lot of support, and helps me truly understand my finances. I also love that Heard specializes in therapists. Sometimes we have interesting situations that don't apply to other types of businesses, and honestly many of us just need a little extra help with finances and taxes. Heard is great for that! I love not having to worry about my books or my taxes. Absolutely worth the investment!

Date of Experience:
February 23, 2024
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