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Sarah Meng, LPC
5 starsTrustpilot Verified

Heard has really helped reduce my stress around accounting and taxes. Their platform is easy to navigate. When I've had questions, the support team has been efficient and effective. I was hesitant to use Heard because I've prepared my own taxes in the past and wasn't sure if the benefit would be great enough. Frankly, having solid support for accounting and taxes is worth the trade off in having my time back.

Date of Experience:
January 31, 2024
5 starsTrustpilot Verified

My recent experience with Miz was very helpful. I misunderstood Heard's services when enrolling and might have enrolled a little earlier than necessary (I joined before having a practice established) but Miz helped to clear that up and provide me with next steps.

Date of Experience:
January 31, 2024
5 starsTrustpilot Verified

Superb customer service! Heard could not make bookkeeping, payroll, and all the rest easier - the support I've gotten throughout setup was second to none. I was a babe in the woods with *all* of this stuff; I'm very grateful for Heard.

Date of Experience:
January 24, 2024
Meg Wright
5 starsTrustpilot Verified

Heard has been an absolute delight to work with. They are personable, proactive, professional, and responsive. I honestly should have started the process of working with them when I first started my practice, but three years in and they have helped me get more organized, save money on items I didn't know were tax deductible, and helped me see a more clear picture of my business and how to plan for the unexpected. I can't rate them high enough!

Date of Experience:
January 22, 2024
Jennifer Whipple
5 starsTrustpilot Verified

Heard is timely in responding to my questions, setting up times to talk virtually, and making things clear to someone who is not an accountant. The turnaround on bookkeeping is quick and they have proven to be very reliable!

Date of Experience:
January 19, 2024

Save time and money, so you can focus on being a therapist

The less time you spend wrangling finances, the more time you have to help your clients.

Saved per year in financial record-keeping
Saved per year in extra income
Saved per year in taxes

Run your therapy practice with confidence

Make informed financial decisions

Determine how much to pay yourself and set aside for taxes each month.

Stay organized

Upload documents and receipts so you’re not scrambling at tax time.

Never miss a tax deadline

Make tax payments on time, every time to avoid IRS penalties.

Grow intentionally

Know when you’re ready to hire employees and grow your practice.

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Manage your therapy practice finances, all in one place

*Services provided via preferred partners.


Bookkeeping and reporting


Tax prep and filing

A paper check

Full-service payroll

blue building w/ skyscraper

S Corp election

piggy bank

Budgeting and tracking


Banking and checking*

tax return

Business entity formation*


SEP IRA retirement plan*

Financial support at every step in your journey as a therapist

A light green chair with wooden legs.

For new therapy practices

We’ll help you form your business and set up a bank account so you can focus on getting your first client.

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For established therapy practices

You’re running your practice but doing it yourself. Ditch the spreadsheets and centralize how you manage your back office.

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For expanding therapy practices

Ready to hire other therapists and expand your solo practice into a group practice? We’ll help you elect S corp and set up payroll.






















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Use this cheatsheet to maximize your deductions and save money on taxes for your therapy practice.


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