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Why Should I Use a Bookkeeper for My Private Practice?

July 30, 2021

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Heard Editorial Team

Back to back sessions from 8am to 6pm? A cake walk. Reconciling those financials? Not so much. Filing your taxes each quarter may feel more like a chore and less like a financial reward or an opportunity to grow your business. We hear you.

For therapists, hiring a bookkeeper can often seem tedious, expensive or time-consuming. However, the role can actually alleviate you both financially and mentally while you manage your caseload. Working one-on-one with a Heard bookkeeper allows you to:

  • Have a dedicated person to file your taxes through a private and trusted process. If you’re going to spend hours researching, you can focus on psychology, not which tax forms to fill out.
  • Use a simple tax software developed specifically for mental healthcare practitioners. No confusion necessary.
  • Receive personalized reports regarding your spending and cash flow. Monitoring your spending habits just got a whole lot easier.
  • Save money compared to working with a traditional accountant. We’re a group of like-minded individuals who understand the backend of private practice and want you to feel financially supported.
  • Eliminate stress around payroll and expenses. Lucky you!
  • Identify opportunities for financial growth. You’ll have a new set of eyes dedicated to your practice.
  • Avoid year-end tax bills over unlisted or missed expenses. Not only will you feel confident in our tax filing services, you’ll feel more confident about your own ability to navigate financial topics and resources after working with us.

There’s no doubt that time spent outside of sessions hunkering down over your financial books can be taxing---no pun intended. The potential pitfalls can also seem especially daunting, with bills that add up if you make a mistake in your tax filings or have to resort to
overpriced services that upcharge for private practices.

Having someone who knows the financial aspects of your business like the back of their hand is essential to a smoothly run practice. This reduces your stress over how to manage your books correctly, while also saving your own time and energy and allowing you to prioritize and focus on your clients.

An investment in the financial aspects of your business can clear up your schedule and increase the quality of your services all at once. If you’re a therapist, personalized
service is likely of great importance to you; your practice deserves to have the same attention on its finances as it gives its clients. At Heard, we’re putting financial health hand in hand with mental health for your business.

Heard is a bookkeeping and tax platform for therapists, intended to ease the financial burdens of mental health therapy services and track the financial health of your practice. Schedule your first consultation at

"I am so thankful that Heard exists! I am especially grateful for the ease of communicating with my bookkeepers who are accessible and answer questions without any additional fees."
Dr. MaryBeth Bailar
"Since signing up with Heard, I am able to dedicate more time to being present for my growing private practice. Stress level = 0. Thank you Heard!"
Grace Duarte de Baker
"Heard offers a great platform for bookkeeping services, with a suite of tools that every therapist must have. Their team is always ready and willing to help you out when needed. "
Dr. Jada Philips

Heard is the all-in-one accounting solution for therapists that combines software and accountants to handle:

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